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TEACHENER – Integrating Social Sciences and Humanities into Teaching about Energy

Institute of Sociology NCU is the coordinator of TEACHENER, a project co-financed by the Erasmus+ strategic partnerships programme of the European Commission, which aims to integrate social sciences and humanities into teaching about energy. TEACHENER is a 3-year project which started on 1st September 2016. It is being implemented by seven partners in four EU countries: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Spain.

TEACHENER aims to fill the gap between social sciences and humanities and energy teaching at universities in Europe, by transposing social sciences and humanities knowledge to the domain of higher technical education. The partners design an “Edu-Kit”, a flexible set of teaching modules covering various topics associated with social aspects of energy, and will test these teaching modules at technical higher education institutions and during two Student Winter Schools. Through TEACHENER, graduates of technical energy studies will gain interdisciplinary skills, knowledge and competencies in social sciences and humanities, enabling them to better respond to the needs of the labour market related to the shift to knowledge society and a fair energy transition with new or adapted job profiles.

TEACHENER’s website: www.teachener.eu