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Institute of Sociology


Programs offered by NCU’s Institute of Sociology are realized in accordance with Bologna system too. The Institute offers a three-year program in Sociology that ends with obtaining Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as two-year, post-graduate program that ends with obtaining Master of Arts degree. Most advanced adepts of sociological studies may also choose to pursue a four-year PhD program and receive the doctor’s degree. The Institute also offers a three-year program in social politics that ends with obtaining Bachelor of Arts degree.


NCU’s Institute of Sociology is acknowledged in international sociological circles. The Institute has hosted 7th Conference of European Sociological Association in 2005 – an event that attracted over one thousand scholars from the continent. Sociological studies allow to obtain critical, practical and in-depth knowledge of the social mechanisms, changing world and globalization. The teaching staff consists of specialists in different branches of Sociology who are experienced lecturers and researchers. The Institute has years of experience in realization of large and medium scale sociological research projects (e.g. funded by European Social Fund).

NCU’s Institute of Sociology specializes, among others, in such areas as:

  • sociology of culture
  • rural studies
  • sociology of interest groups
  • sociology of youth
  • sociology of education
  • social politics
  • sociology of science,
  • sociology of knowledge (classical and non-classical)
  • social studies of science and technology
  • history of sociology