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International Conference Self-Consciousness and Rationality: Interdisciplinary approaches

International Conference Self-Consciousness and Rationality: Interdisciplinary approaches
17-19 May 2017
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland


The main aim of the conference is to present the new approaches to the problem of consciousness and rationality and to provide an effective dialog between disciplines and the different fields of philosophy, which can be fruitful for the solving of general problems of cognition. There are many reasons why the question of the conjunction between self-consciousness and  rationality is important. The main and general is the problem of the compatibility between thoughts and acts. Still the following questions need to be answered: Is there a relationship between pre-reflectivity and rational thinking? Is phenomenal subjectivity non-representational? How is pre-reflectivity to implement in cognitive-architecture? Does phenomenal consciousness have a priority over other mental states and actions?

The notions of consciousness and rationality have their own long philosophical history of use. That is why the conference will start with the block of presentations devoted to the question of the problem of consciousness and rationality in the light of the classic philosophical theories especially with reference to modern philosophy. In the following blocks the core of presentations will be shifted to contemporary conceptions combining philosophy and cognitive science.

Invited speakers:

Prof. Dr. Terrence Horgan (Department of Philosophy, University of Arizona)

The Phenomenology of Rational Action

Prof. Dr. phil. Gerhard Preyer (Institute of Sociology, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main)

Self-Referential Structure of Consciousness

The conference is organized in cooperation between ProtoSociology An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Institute of Sociology, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Institute of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland.

Deadline of the registration is May 6th 2017

Please register by email: Daniel Żuromski, Ph.D. d.zuromski@umk.pl

Fee: 100 Euro

Please note that for the purpose of registration it is required to provide: your first and second name, e-mail, phone number, affiliation, country of your work place, title of presentation and short abstract. Travel and accommodation costs are not covered by organizers.

Hotel booking is made directly by the participants. The accommodation advice regarding hotels and booking: http://www.torunonline.com/

Once registered the participants will receive workshop materials. The conference papers will be published.