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Courses for Erasmus+ students – 2017/18

Faculty of Humanities offers a Program in English for the incoming students called: “Invitation to Philosophy and Sociology”.

All the courses are held in Collegium Minus: Fosa Staromiejska Street 1a , Toruń

Every incoming student is required to enroll for a minimum of two selected seminars from the list below:


Name of the courseTutorSemesterType of classesHoursECTS
Actor-Network Modernitydr hab. K. Abriszewskiwinterlecture204
Food studiesdr Wojciech Goszczyńskiwinterdiscussion seminar204
Main Issues of Modern Philosophyprof. A. Grzelińskiwinterdiscussion seminar204
Gender Problem in Science. Theories and Practicedr hab. A. Derrawinterdiscussion seminar204
Introduction to Political Philosophydr J. Grygieńćwinterdiscussion seminar204
Logic as a tooldr hab. R. Gruszczyńskiwinterdiscussion seminar204
Men, Masculinities & Differencedr Katarzyna Suwadawinterdiscussion seminar204
Philosophical problems of cognitive sciencedr A. Pacholik-Żuromskawinterdiscussion seminar204
Psychology of Powerdr A. Cisłak-Wójcikwinterdiscussion seminar204
Social Psychologydr A. Wójcikwinterdiscussion seminar204
Society in the mirror of youth – the sociological perspectiveprof. dr hab. Krystyna Szafraniecwinterdiscussion seminar204
Sociology of Gender and Sexualitiesdr Beata Bielskawinterdiscussion seminar204
Technoscience in a Risk Society. A Workshopdr hab. E. Bińczyk, prof. UMKwinterdiscussion seminar204
The changing world of work – the economy and enterprises perspectivedr Agnieszka Furmańska-Maruszakwinterdiscussion seminar204
Main Issues of Modern Philosophyprof. A. Grzelińskisummerdiscussion seminar204
Anthropological perspective on everyday lifedr hab. Krzysztof Olechnickisummerdiscussion seminar204
Between Science-Fiction and Near Reality: Analyzing the Development of New Technologiesdr Piotr Stankiewiczsummerdiscussion seminar204
Energy and Societydr Piotr Stankiewiczsummerlecture204
Introduction to Ancient Philosophydr hab. Z. Nerczuk, prof. UMKsummerdiscussion seminar204
Introduction to Political Philosophydr J. Grygieńćsummerdiscussion seminar204
Invitation to  Global History of Powerdr Łukasz Dominiaksummerdiscussion seminar204
Logic as a tooldr hab. R. Gruszczyńskisummerdiscussion seminar204
Main Issues of Modern Philosophyprof. A. Grzelińskisummerdiscussion seminar204
Modern sportdr hab. Dominik Antonowiczsummerlecture304
Philosophy and popular culturedr hab. K. Abriszewskisummerdiscussion seminar204
Problems and Controversies of the Contemporary Philosophy of Sciencedr hab. A. Derrasummerdiscussion seminar204
Science and Technology Studies: an Introductiondr hab. Radosław Sojak, prof. UMKsummerdiscussion seminar204
Social Psychologydr A. Wójciksummerdiscussion seminar204
Socio-materiality of health and illness. STS and medicinedr M. Wróblewskisummerdiscussion seminar204
Western Theories of Evildr hab. M. Jaranowskisummerdiscussion seminar204