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Scientific encounters with Bonnie Mann (Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon, USA)

Tuesday 28th March 2017, 11.15-13.15

Collegium Minus, room 317

Reading seminar, passages from Bonnie Mann’s book “Sovereign Masculinity: gender Lessons from the War of Terror: “Preface”, “Introduction”, “Redemption” (passages can be obtained upon request, write to: aldewicz@umk.pl)

Wednesday, 29th of March 2017, 13.15-14.45

Collegium Minus, room I

Lecture: “Practice Feminist Phenomenology: The Case of Shame”.

The lecture will be engaged with the theme of shame framed much in terms of phenomenological practice. Bonnie Mann shows what it means to practice feminist phenomenology, and how Simone de Beauvoir practiced feminist phenomenology and transformed phenomenology in the process. She will discuss why other versions of phenomenology fail to capture gendered experience (criticizing Steinbock and to some extent Zahavi) and how Beauvoir’s phenomenology makes it possible to give an account of gendered shame.

Bonnie Mann